Intermedia Laboratory Inc. sells Gridwork and erasable smartpen tools on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo

2021-11-24 04:46:21 By : Mr. Qinan Huang

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Tokyo, November 22, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Intermedia Laboratory Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo) has started selling Gridwork on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. With Gridwork, you only need to connect the Smartpen Gridpen to the PC without installing an application or driver, and you can display the handwriting on the special board Gridboard and Gridnote on the shared screen of the PC whiteboard and online meeting system, just like writing. The displayed handwriting can be stored and the board can be wiped clean. Website:

Product image:

What is a grid?

Gridwork is a next-generation smartpen tool. It is composed of Gridpen, smartpen with replaceable stylus and erasable water-based ballpoint pen, Gridboard, ultra-light (36g) and ultra-thin (0.58mm) plates that can be read by Gridpen. "Point Code" Grid Onput (coordinate data) and Gridnote, this is a special 10-page notebook that can be easily erased with a wet paper towel. Gridwork is a revolutionary product that combines the writing function as a traditional stationery with the function of writing in digital files for record keeping. One of the advantages of this product is that Gridboard and Gridnote can be written and erased repeatedly, making Gridwork environmentally friendly and compliant with SDG. Erasable water-based ballpoint pens are replacing pencils in European primary schools. Those who use it will be able to write neatly with Gridwork and appreciate the advantages of online education. Therefore, Gridwork can contribute to the development of EdTech.

Gridwork video introduction:

Gridpen and Gridboard set (plus refill) $123.21 Gridpen and Gridnote set (plus refill) $149.61 Gridpen, Gridboard and Gridnote set (plus refill) $162.81 (as of November 15, 2015, November 22, 2015 , 1 USD = 113.63 Japanese Yen)

Grid-compliant network meeting systems with drawing functions: Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and meet in.

Gridwork-compliant applications with drawing functions: MS Office applications, MS Journal, MS Paint, Windows Ink Workspace, Microsoft Edge (pdf), Acrobat Pro, etc.

Intermedia Laboratory seeks potential partners for distribution and product customization processing.

Check the website for company and product information.

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