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2021-11-24 04:45:05 By : Ms. Sunday Export

For most of my life, writing a diary has been an effort again and again. I have been writing a paper diary and an online blog, and social media has served as its own diary.

It is interesting to look back at my childhood diary. It mainly includes who I play with during breaks, and whether we skip rope or practice flipping on the horizontal bar that day.

As an adult, I can—and probably should—write many things. I may not record every challenge or joy, but I do tend to post them on social media, which means I will see them again in the "today" notification in the future.

Online diaries are great, but to me, some things written on paper seem more real. I don’t know how social media will develop or what will happen to everyone’s posts.

However, my future grandchildren or great-grandchildren are likely to see my paper journals.

What do I want them to read? What do i want to say? The question of what to write is enough to make many people give up the idea of ​​writing a diary. This is where the gratitude diary comes in. What if instead of recording what you eat, what you watch on TV, or who you play with during breaks, you say three things that make you grateful every day? How will your opinion change?

Sometimes it may be difficult to think of three things. Just write one. Maybe some days you can’t even name it. Those are the most important days in your gratitude journal. If you can't find gratitude, look through your diary and remember the good things in life.

January 14: Snow gleaming like diamonds, hot coffee with plenty of creamer, and a comfortable home.

March 11: The first calves of the year are born. The sun is shining and it feels like spring.

June 16: The cancer is in remission.

September 3: Our children are healthy and happy. They have never been hungry.

December 11: The children go home from college for Christmas.

I challenge you to write a gratitude diary. Thanksgiving is the best time to start. Use blank leather bound rolls, spiral notebooks or note cards and recipe boxes. If you prefer a digital diary, please use a mobile phone. The medium is irrelevant; gratitude.

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