REV'IT!’s New Axis H2O Overpants Keep You Safe And Dry In Rainy Weather

2023-04-10 12:04:27 By : Ms. Mae Wang

Fall, winter, and the rainy season in general are especially hard on folks who rely on their motorcycles for commuting. This is especially true in Asia and parts of Europe, where not everyone has the luxury of switching over to a car when the weather takes a wet turn. Luckily, there are lots of options from numerous gear and equipment manufacturers that are designed to keep you warm, dry, and safe, no matter the weather.

Take for example the new Axis H2O pants from Dutch gear and equipment specialist REV'IT!. These pants are meant to be worn over regular pants—be it jeans, slacks, or trainers—but offer all the protection of standard motorcycle-approved pants. As such, they’re perfect for folks who commute to school or work on their bikes, but don’t have the time to change their clothes once they reach their destinations. The REV'IT! Axis H2O pants are equipped with all the standard protective features such as abrasion and impact resistance, while being completely waterproof, ensuring your outfit underneath isn’t ruined. Oxford Polyester Supplier

REV'IT!’s New Axis H2O Overpants Keep You Safe And Dry In Rainy Weather

More precisely, the Axis H2O is made out of a 600D polyester canvas known for its abrasion resistance. On the inside, you’ll find a Hydratex G-Liner membrane that ensures the pants are always waterproof. Of course, REV'IT! has thought about making it easy to wear and remove these pants, and so the Axis H2O has long waterproof zippers running along the sides, as well as an adjustable elastic waistband. There are also belt loops, should you wish to strap your belt over the pants, as well as adjustment straps on the ankles which allow you to wear your boots either over or under the pants.

As for protective features, the Axis H2O incorporates REV'IT!’s well-known Seesmart level 1 protectors on the knees. The pants also have hip pockets for optional protectors, reflective strips on the calves for added nighttime visibility, and are abrasion resistant thanks to 600D polyester canvas. All these protective features garner the REV'IT! Axis H2O a Class A PPE certification in compliance to the EN17092:2020 standard.

When it comes to availability and pricing, REV'IT! is offering the Axis H2O pants only in black, and in sizes ranging from XS all the way to 4XL. Price is set at 159.99 Euros, which translates to around $166 USD.

REV'IT!’s New Axis H2O Overpants Keep You Safe And Dry In Rainy Weather

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