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2021-11-24 04:44:43 By : Mr. William Lee

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The diary is more than just a place to keep random contemplation. They can be the guardians of memories, conversations with themselves, and fragments of inspiration. In other words, these are highly personal objects. The best paperback journals look beautiful, durable, and pleasant to write. Although these journals are not as strong as hardcover journals, they tend to be lighter and can easily fit into small spaces. We have collected some of our favorite soft-covered journals below.

Moleskine is highly regarded for its simple and elegant appearance, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of features and various laptop options. The Italian brand uses cream-soft artificial leather to protect the laptop, which is luxurious to the touch, and the ivory-colored pages-although not impermeable-are very smooth. Each is thin and tightly bound, and is equipped with ribbon bookmarks, inner pockets and elastic bands to hold the pages together when not in use. No matter how you want to use your diary, Moleskine can meet your needs, providing notebooks with flat, horizontal, grid or dotted pages.

This is an exquisite notebook that is durable and durable. It is bound with high-quality artificial leather and has a substantial weight of clear liner paper-thick enough to remove ink from a pen without bleeding. Compared with Moleskine's lined notebooks, the lines are wider and deeper, which may be preferred by some people. Beechmore Books’ journals are available in seven shades, from Dartmouth green to chestnut brown, with ribbon bookmarks and sturdy binding that can withstand page bending and loss.

If you are looking for options that can help you mark or track your meditations, a paged diary may be a wise choice. This page is characterized by a smooth page with a dotted grid, and the page number at the bottom corner of each paper is very small and very subtle. Dots allow you to write in a straight line, while giving you the flexibility to draw charts, make lists, etc. Unless you use a very inked marker, the thickness of the page is enough to prevent bleeding. 

There is a more environmentally friendly alternative to soft book covers made of leather or artificial leather: kraft paper, which still presents a simple and stylish beauty. The covers of this set of six journals from Twone are made of 50% post-consumer recycled paper, which is easier to customize than leather, while effectively protecting your work. The diaries are stitched tightly, but you can still open them completely flat, and the pages are thick enough to be used with a pen without bleeding.

This is a great option for those looking for pages with a well-defined grid. The squares are not too big but not too small, and their borders are opaque instead of translucent. The sheets are also nice and thick-you can fill them with ink pens, markers or even paint, and minimal bleeding will occur. The artificial leather cover is soft but not too curved, making the magazine look professional. One thing missing from this option is the inner pocket, although it comes with ribbon bookmarks.

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